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July 20, 2021

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Signed the service specification for activation the procedure for customs clearance at sea for goods arriving at the port of Bari

The system may also be applied to ports of Barletta and Monopoli

The director of the Customs Office of Bari, Domenico Frisario, and the commander of the Harbour Master's Office of Bari, Giuseppe Meli, have signed a service specification for the activation of the customs clearance procedure at sea that is will apply to shipments of containerized goods, to the ro-ro traffic, car carrier ships and bulk goods, up to a maximum of three registrants. The procedure provides that the ship arriving at the port of Bari must be monitored by the systems of the Harbour Master's Office, the Counter must have been activated Single Customs at the Customs Office responsible for the area port and telematic procedures must be used for the management of temporary custody by the terminals that take care of disembarkation operations and container handling. such procedure may also be applied to ships commercial arriving in ports falling within the competence of the Customs Office of Bari, i.e. Barletta and Monopoli.

The system will make it possible to transmit the declarations of import while the goods are still en route to the ports national ships on board ships from abroad, allowing the Customs and other administrations involved in the counter customs to anticipate the risk analysis and release, before on arrival, goods for which a control. Operators will therefore be able to anticipate the presentation of the manifest of incoming goods for validation and, consequently, the relevant customs declarations. In addition stakeholders in possession of operator authorization Authorized Economic (AEO) will be able to use the information customs useful for a more efficient management of the logistics component connected to the handling of goods.

It is - underlined the President of the Authority of Port System of the Southern Adriatic Sea, Ugo Patroni Griffi - of «an innovative simplification that will speed up significantly freight traffic, optimizing the supply chain. the our port network will have an operational tool of considerable scope, all the more so at a time like this detail during which speed and efficiency of traffic more and more key variables of economic recovery and fundamental cornerstones of support to the country system».

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