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November 4, 2021

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Tomorrow the final event of a project for the limitation of noise pollution in ports

It had a duration of 36 months

Tomorrow an online seminar will be held as the final event of the project "L.I.S.T Port : Limitation of Noise Pollution from Traffic in Commercial Ports" whose objective is improving the sustainability of commercial ports, and of connected logistics platforms contributing to the reduction noise pollution. In particular, the purpose is that to improve the "acoustic climate" of cities ports through the use of integrated ITS management systems of traffic and the general objective is to evaluate how such systems affect the reduction of traffic volumes, and therefore sound pressures in the port and urban areas.

Appropriate models were developed during the project of acoustic analysis and specific actions on traffic "in time real" aimed at noise abatement, after having conducted in different port cities of the area of cooperation a campaign of sound pressure measurements, synchronized with the flows of the vehicles used in logistics port and with those generated and attracted by the port. One of the final products of the entire project activity is consisted in the elaboration of a methodological document of summary, "Guidelines for the drafting of guidelines for the implementation of interventions to mitigate the noise generated by the port activities", in support of the authorities supervisors, who intend to address similar issues on port cities similar to the cases analyzed.

The project, lasting 36 months, had an endowment total financial of EUR 1.9 million, of which EUR 1 6 million from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The project partners are the University of Cagliari, the Chamber of Commerce of Bastia, the National Association of Italian Municipalities sec. Tuscany Region (ANCI Toscana), the Groupement d'Intérêt Public pour la Formation et l'Insertion Professionnelle de the Académie de Nice, ANCI Liguria and the University of Pisa.


On line - Link for the event: https://zoom.us/j/94593087773?pwd=TEEyZklCdkZ0WmZGR0dGa0ZPYnQ0UT09


Welcome greetings and opening of the meeting - Prof. Francesco Mola, Rector of the University of Cagliari Only


Introduction to the meeting, greetings and presentation of the project and the Partners -Prof. Paolo Fadda, List Port Project Manager

Session 1 - The problem of traffic noise generated by port activities : the List Port project


Contents and articulation of activities of the project - Ing.Federico Sollai, Technical Manager List Port, Unique

Project activities and experimental conducted by the Partners


Dr. Elena Conti ANCI TOSCANA


Dr. Luca Petralia -Deputy Director of ANCI LIGURIA


M.Paoli, Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Corse


Dr. Gianna Masu, Municipality of Olbia


Prof. Marino Lupi and Prof. Alessandro UNIPI UNIPI flour


Coffee break

Session 2 - Technical insights and parallel issues


The traffic noise model - Prof. Roberto UNIQUE Baccoli


The acoustic capacity model - Prof. Marino Lupi and Prof. Alessandro Farina UNIPI


Variable message panels: the role in the infomobility system. Eng Alessandro Guariso Traffic Lights


The project on the Apps of the system infomobility. Dr. Marco Boero ALGOWAT


Modelling of port noise in Interreg Maritime projects: from sources to evaluation the impact of their individual contributions. Pisa Department of ARPAT - Prof. Gaetano Licitra


The Cluster of projects on the themes acoustics with respect to ports - Prof. Corrado Schenone


Debate and closing of the meeting - Unica

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