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November 10, 2021

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Messina (Assarmatori): the "Fit for 55" package of the EU harms the shipping industry

Particularly affected - he underlined - the nations maritime like Italy

For Assarmatori, the package of measures "Fit for 55" of the European Union adopted with the aim of reducing emissions at least 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels, with the objective of achieving zero climate impact by 2050, damages the shipping industry and does not produce results positive even for the environment. "The EU - explained the President of the Italian Shipowners' Association, Stefano Messina, in his speech at the International Forum of Conftrasporto in progress in Rome - he is going the wrong way. The rules on the shipping of the Fit for 55 package, those to reduce emissions from ships, they will not help the environment and sink the economy."

The representative of Assarmatori recalled that, to induce shipping to the use of alternative fuels, the Commission European proposes to discourage the use of fossil fuels through fiscal measures, such as the extension to maritime transport of the European Emissions Trading System (EU Emission Trading) System - EU-ETS) and the introduction, from 2023, of a tax to be applied to all fuels sold in the economic area European, with the option, for Member States, to extend it also to international travel. «International shipping that currently scales the European ports - Messina noted - will look for to circumvent the new impositions by avoiding touching European ports and instead scaling existing hubs at eu borders, or of those, numerous, under construction, for example in the North Africa on the southern shore of the Mediterranean".

"And the most serious aspect - continued Messina - is that this self-defeating approach will not even serve to reduce emissions, not because there is a lack of will of shipowners, which indeed is strong, but because the technologies, alternative fuels and distribution networks of Same. And they will be missed for a long time, while they are available transitional fuels, such as LNG, which in the Fit for 55 package it is not considered green and will therefore be taxed, but that it already makes it possible to drastically reduce harmful emissions and to start the path towards the decarbonisation of transport maritime with reductions of the order of up to 20% of emissions of CO2'.

"To politics - concluded Messina - we give, therefore, a clear message: before espousing initiatives by Member States that, objectively, they do not suffer the same consequences as initiatives involving shipping, Italy should weigh carefully the economic, industrial and social repercussions of those Choices. At stake is the future of the country's economy and the work'.

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